Longrich Alkaline Cup

Your body is 75% water and 25% solid matter, and it needs to stay well hydrated to operate at its best. Not only will your body function more efficiently, but you may even avoid many health problems. Increased water consumption has been shown to help relieve migraine headaches, high blood cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis pain, allergies, and high blood pressure. And, since you’re brain tissue is 85% water, your brain functions rely heavily on an ample water supply. Studies have shown that with prolonged dehydration, brain cells actually begin to shrink.

The Importance Of Balance Body PH (Potential Hydrogen)

When the body PH is balanced the body functions in full capacity.

Parts of body PH level

1, Body (7.35 – 7.41) so that can carry the require oxygen and nutrient to the cells.
2, Stomach ( 1.3 – 3.5)
3, Vagina ( 3.8 – 4.5) the acidic nature of the vagina ensures protection against infection.
4, Uterus ( 6.6 – 7.5) To boost good environment for conception.
5, Kidney (7.2 – 7.5). To absorb and remove hydrogen.
6, Mouth and Saliva ( 7.1 – 7.2) to help easy digestion.
7 , Bladder (4.5 – 8.0)
8, Penis (7.2 – 8.0).

The more acidic your body the more diseases.

Acidic foods include sugar, milk, alcohol, processrd food, meat , caffeinated drinks, pasta, rice, etc.

Alkaline foods include fruit, cegetables, lots of water, natural sweeteners like honey and maple, nuts and seeds, plant based protein, etc.

Longrich Alkaline Cup has the following benefits;

  1. Ensures you have a balance PH level.
  2. Flushes away any excess acidic content in the body
  3. Converts any acidic water to neutral or alkaline prior to consumption.
  4. Zion-rich and anion-rich
  5. Eliminates free radicals
  6. Anti-bacterial and strengthens immunity.
  7. Filter-purifies water
  8. Reduces blood cholesterol
  9. Emulsifies fats and oils, hence aids weight loss.
  10. Increases metabolism
  11. Boosts immunity/Healthy skin
  12. Anti-aging: rich in anti-oxidants
  13. Improves oxygen circulation and purifies blood.
  14. Eliminates weakness
  15. Energizes: suitable for athletes.
  16. Increases water absorption
  17. Relieves ulcer pain
  18. Relieves indigestion and lactose intolerance
  19. Neutralizes the effects of alcohol, smoke and caffeine on organs and cells.

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