Longrich Brightening Hand Cream

Hello there!

Have you been looking for answers to any of the questions below…

  1. What can I possibly use to soften my palms? Gosh, they are so hard!
  2. I love eating certain meals with my washed hands for a heightened sense of enjoyment, but sometimes I just can’t, because of the somewhat noticeable after-meal scent on my hands.
  3. I am just so tired of my sweaty palms. Could it be a disease? What do I do?

If any of the above questions has been bothering you, then look no further than this page you are on…

Longrich Brightening Hand Cream can boast of the following properties and effects;

  1. Eliminates stretch marks, dark knuckles and sunburn, due to its brightening nature.
  2. Rich in Vitamins A, C and E
  3. Guaranteed to soften palms
  4. Sanitizes and treats hand allergies
  5. Mild Fragrance
  6. Advanced Particle technology which enhances affinity of vitamins for skin.
  7. Easy absorption of vitamins.

Don’t wait until you’re called “Queen of dark knuckles”😄😄😄 before you take care of your knuckles.

Longrich brightening hand cream will clear all dark knuckles and soften your palms, making them lovely to hold.

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