Longrich Mosquito Repellent

Longrich Mosquito Repellent allows you to be free from mosquito bite for as long as 8 hours by applying to the external part of the body. It does not cause cancer nor is harmful to the skin. It does not cause oxidation. Can be used as nail polish remover and it dries easily.

How Does The Mosquito Repellent Function?

It disturbs the insect ability to locate animals or human to feed on. It disturbs the function of special receptors in mosquito antennae. Deet as it active content does not cause skin irritation or skin sensitization. Once it penetrates the human body it’s eliminated in urine.

NB:- Do not inhale, spray to the eye or mouth, and keep away from children. Use with caution for asthmatic patient and pregnant women. Do not apply to injuries.

Key Features

  1. Elegant fragrance: citrus aroma and musk
  2. Repels Mosquitoes for up to
    8 hours
  3. Repels insects too including
  4. Spray directly on exposed
    part of the body
  5. Safe to use for everyone
  6. Does not kill but repels

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