Longrich SOD Body Cream

Do you desire that perfect and healthy skin? The one that makes everyone turn and take a second appreciative look at you?

Have you been fighting an unsuccessful battle with them dreaded stretch marks? 🙄🙄🙄

Ouch!!! You can’t flaunt those long shapely legs because of that creammmmmm, yes, that stupid cream which unfortunately reacted with your beautiful skin, and is now causing you a what-do-I-wear-now nightmare. 😒😒😒

Now, due to the fact that Longrich uses natural substances in the manufacture of its products, the SOD Body Cream has the following characteristics;

  1. It is perfect for sensitive skin
  2. Repairs damaged parts of the skin and restores natural complexion.
  3. Eliminates skin scars and blemishes, including stretch marks, with repetitive use
  4. Contains natural placenta essence and liposomal SOD.
  5. Treats all skin conditions
  6. Nourishes rough and wrinkled skin, as well as improves skin glow.
  7. It is non-greasy and absorbs easily.
  8. Very suitable for all skin types, children and adults.

So, why not go right ahead and get yours now! Call the number below…

For product purchase, please call/chat via WhatsApp: +2348131243057 – Anthony.


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